Barbella | About Us
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About Us

Barbella is an interior design and project management company based in İstanbul, Turkey. We work with the commercial hospitality industry which includes: hotels, motels, restaurants, residencies and much more.

With our production facilities in Konya, Kayseri and Denizli Organized Industrial Zon and our Antalya, New Jersey Offices, we have signed many projects in Turkey and abroad.

As Barbella interior design&project management, we provide turnkey services with more than 200 employee and more than 20 partnerships in furniture and textile industry.

Either to decorate a newly built hotel or to refurbish the worn-out items of an existing hotel…

We start with understanding your needs and provide you with the samples. We will then deliver and install your orders with care.

This overall service provides you with a smooth process that is managed all in one hand, saving you a respectable amount of time and money. It is our pleasure to serve you with your needs and make your job easier.

  • How We Work

    • Defining the Needs
    • Gathering Samples
    • Production
    • Inspection
    • Shipping and Custom Procedures
    • Assembly and Application