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We name our business as “Barbella Interior Design & Project Management”, a name to cover how we work and what we do.

Interior Design & Guidance
We believe successful design solutions are the result of a comprehensive program that addresses conflicting elements of aesthetics, cost, durability and environmental responsibility. In its purest form, design is a process of problem solving. Recognition of this perspective is reflected in our portfolio of design solutions.

With our ten years of experience in architecture&planning industry, we can provide you a full service of 2D & 3D drawings, sketches and presentations of your needs.


Manufacturing of hotel furniture is an effective item on the budget. Work with us to have the 100% equal match of your designated furnitures with highest quality and best price. A new project or refurbishment, we would give you the most efficient service.


Contract Textile
We provide you with selected manufacturers to renew the textile products including curtains, embroidery and hotel whites.


Barbella is one of the leading suppliers in Turkey within the Mattress Qualities&White Textiles.
Our R&D Department is always searching for the best Matress Production for you and our hotel whites deparments  gives you the best match of quality to fit your linens and towel needs


Barbella has a wide supplier network to solve all your lighting needs from room lights to the general areas.


Hotel Amentities
As a turnkey service, Barbella can provide you any kind of hotel amentities  including the paper materials or accessories.